The Vaal Triangle has many schools from primary to secondary and the university. There are also many special schools for riding, diving, art, religion, and special education for the disabled. A few of these schools have been prominent in the educational field for achievements or notoriety in the news.

The Kenosis School of Art

This art school in Vanderbijlpark and Cape Town offers classes in photography, creative design, painting, mosaic, drawing, pottery, and new media. It is considered a secondary school so it accepts students from different age levels.  Art is growing in demand not just in the Vaal Triangle but around the country for two main reasons.

First, there is a demand so it is easier to find employment especially in graphic design and lay-out. Second, studying at a reputable art school would not take as long as a university or college degree which means it would be possible to graduate and get a job after a 2 year course.

The Vaal Triangle Campus

The Vaal Triangle Campus is situated on a nature reserve which makes it very conducive for quiet study and creative inspiration. The school has an excellent reputation in academics and public speaking and has been seeing a growing student population in the past 2 years with over 6,000 students enrolled in 2012. The passing rate among students is an impressive 82.4% which is much higher than the national standard of the Department of Education. This bodes well for the graduates who are often given preference in job applications.

The school also has an outstanding research department with special on public affairs, Positive Psychology, languages, and water research. Their approach to sports education and skills development include short courses, and Cricket and Cycling Academies for those interested in competing on a national level.

The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA)

ISASA is the oldest organization of independent private schools in the country. It was established in 1929 as the Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses before it changed its name to Independent School Councils and then again in 1999 as ISASA.

As a nonprofit organization, it has around 700 member schools not just in the Vaal Triangle and South Africa but also schools from Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland. In Vaal Triangle, the ISASA school is the Vaal Christian School which formally began to accept students in 1987. They started with 30 scholars and currently have 800. It has a consistent record for being one of the top schools in the Free State and one of the 4 that were given a 3 year Umalusi provisional accreditation.

They accept boarders and are very active with extracurricular activities like athletic events, drama, art festivals, and school excursions.

Qualitas Career Academy

Qualitas Career Academy offers courses in architecture, business, IT, health, tourism, financial accounting, office management, and beauty, among many others. Their goal is to graduate students who are ready and qualified to enter the work force without floundering. An impressive part of their curriculum is to train the students how to be professionals with a high sense of integrity and a desire for innovation and quality output.